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Manifest destiny was known as one of the causes that led to war with Mexico. In brief, the manifest destiny was the Americans' desire to expand the country by moving to the west. In effect of this they had ended up invading Mexico provinces. In addition, the citizens of the U.S. had believed that the continent was to be ruled by them, because of their population. Furthermore, it was known that manifest destiny was a "...growing feeling in the United stats that the country had a "manifest destiny" to expand westward in new land..." (Stout). After Texas had been annexed to the U.S., a desire in people began to grow to expand the territory to moving west. Even more, they had wanted to expand the nation's boundary towards the Pacific Ocean, and…show more content…
Equally important, many Americans had the idea of moving west, and many after a while began moving westward (Jacobs 19). Likewise, many of the farmers went west to find search for new farmland, to grow crops. In like manner, they had invaded present day California and New Mexico in the desire of manifest destiny (Jacobs 51). Correspondingly, many of the Americans had favored the idea of manifest destiny and had wanted to spread the word around the country. In this case, they had spread the word through different styles, such as journalist, speeches, etc. At the same time one journalist, John L. O' Sullivan, had also come to favor the idea of moving west, he had helped with spreading the word about the Americans 'manifest destiny'. At on point he had written that it was "...the right of our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of great experiment for liberty..." ("Mexican War"). In the same subject, they had also said that it was "...their mission - their "manifest destiny" - to spread the blessing of liberty and democracy to the less fortunate people..." (Jacobs

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