Conservatism Vs Progressivism

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In the early nineteen hundreds, the United States was changing in ways that would later better the future. People who were known as Progressives had a hand in the development of the United States. They made politics and corporations better established, making sure that business is advancing. Conservatism was influenced as well. Along with a few clubs trying to improve the education, waste, and police of the cities. Progressives were in the middle class, educated, financially secure, usually in their thirties, self made, and had a British background. During the time of the Progressives, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, they got their earnings but nothing more. They usually had occupations such as lawyers, politicians, and merchants,…show more content…
Progressivism was a movement on the assumption that the general welfare of the community could be best served by satisfying the concrete need of business. When it comes to politics, progressivism didn’t help out the colored or immigrant citizens in America. Having to take a literacy test or in some places having to pay for the right to vote was needed unless you were a white male American. Conservatism has profoundly influenced American society’s response to problems of Industrialism. Roosevelt and other presidents weren’t so much as the ideologists that many people would think of them as, instead they more like actors with power without touching economic affairs to benefit businesses. Along with the Progressives trying to benefit the country, there was also two groups in Chicago that wanted to help make the United States a better place to live. The two were called the City Club and the Women’s City Club of Chicago. The two clubs had similar goals, both were focused on reform and the development of politics during this era. However, during this time, women were still being suppressed because of their gender. They were still being seen as just the husband’s partner, not possible helper of developing a brighter future. In the Women’s Club of Chicago, some women were actually wives of the City Club of Chicago. Some others were daughters, mothers, widows, and again wives of these men…show more content…
Other clubs such as the Commercial Club, didn’t even talk about this issue. When people wanted to go on strike to make pay attention to the poor treatment then they would get poor treatment again by the police. Agnes Nester claims, “[The strikers] have come to this country because it holds out a promise to them. They come seeking freedom...and instead of that, they find they are exploited; and when they go on strike to protest against conditions, they are arrested…” (Pg. 207, Flanagan). To ensure that the police would handle strikes more calmly, The Women’s City Club established the municipal strike bureau. The chief of police would a mediator in strikes, and he wouldn’t use private guards. The men however would sympathize with the businesses. There is no evidence however that the City Club had any other opinions or that the idea of a municipal strike bureau was even considered to

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