How Does Liam O Flaherty Tell The Story In The Sniper

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Liam O'Flaherty is trying to show a hidden story behind war. He does this many ways throughout his short story "The Sniper". This man has had a war experience with the British army and later joined the Irish republican army. O'Flaherty has based several of his novels on the effect of war in Ireland. The story "The Sniper" is based on a scene of fighting in Dublin in which an IRA sniper shoots at free staters from a rooftop. Mr O'Flaherty shows that war is bad by making the character have little food and doing this makes this makes it look like they don't feed the troops much food. O'Flaherty may have made it look like this because when he was in the British army and the Irish republican army. They may not have fed the troops much food then…show more content…
In those days it was acceptable for 18 year olds to go straight to the front line without any training and that is what may have happened to him. In modern days they train all troops before they are sent to the battlefield to give the country the best chance of wining. The first sniper seamed as if he were trained but I cannot figure out why this would help him to explain why the war is bad through-out this short story. Mr O'Flaherty is also showing that not many people like the war even the troops an example is; "His teeth chattered, he begun to gibber to himself, cursing the war, cursing himself, cursing everybody.". War effects everyone everyday families are effected, friends are effected and even the troops are effected when they come home and have post traumatic stress disorder and only the strongest of troops will live an normal life with post traumatic stress disorder. The sniper also smokes cigarettes, this stereotypically means that the sniper is stressed and smokes a lot. I believe that O'Flaherty has but this in because everyone knows that people who smoke live shorter and less happy lives and O'Flaherty wants to try and say that the war is making people live short and unhappy

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