Who Is The Chicago Ripper In Animal Farm

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In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Napoleon leads a group of animals using fear and his abilities as a leader; the same way Robin Gecht had ruled over his cult The Chicago Rippers. The Chicago Rippers was a satanic cult that was formed out of fear in Chicago, Illinois around the 1980s. Robin Gecht, the leader, persuaded three other men, Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis and Edward Spreitzer, to help him in his satanic rituals which included the raping and killing of women. The members of the Chicago Rippers were eventually caught, all of them excluding Andrew Kokoraleis, sentenced to jail; Andrew Kokoraleis was executed. Similar to the character Napoleon's ways of persuasion, Gecht also used fear and his natural abilities as a leader to lure in members. Many techniques were used by both the character Napoleon and Gecht to allow them to…show more content…
Heather Whitney writes "The Chicago Rippers thought Gecht had a connection with the dark one, which allowed Gecht to communicate with evil itself. This imaginary communication caused the group members to…fear him and his dark powers" (Heather Whitney). The members of the Chicago Rippers were loyal to Gecht out of fear for his ability to communicate with evil. The members obeyed every command Gecht gave them, lest they suffer the consequences. Gecht used this fear to his advantage, and the result allowed him to rule over the cult with an iron grip. Although fear contributed in both Gecht’s and the character Napoleon’s ability to draw in members, being a natural born leader didn’t hurt. Zoom Info explains “Gecht was known to be charismatic and a leader...and had a way in manipulating people into doing what he wanted” (Zoom Info). Gecht was a natural leader from the moment he was born and had no trouble at drawing in

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