Loss Of Innocence In Hamlet

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Hamlet Theme Essay The world is easily distracted, the most obvious distraction to people is beauty. In the novel “Hamlet” Ophelia is a beautiful girl who draws the attention of the handsome Hamlet. She starts off the novel aware and innocent. Ophelia goes through troubling times during the novel such as her father’s death, which aids in her walls of innocence coming down. Her life becomes cut short and how the citizens see her becomes evident when they don’t want her to have a Christian burial. She started out the book as the most innocent character, but as time went on her innocence slowly deteriorated. Her loss of innocence ultimately made Ophelia lose who she really was as an individual. A character that was the epitome of loss of innocence throughout the book was Ophelia. In the beginning of the story she was having a conversation with her brother in which he was explaining why she needed to be careful around Hamlet. He explained he was promiscuous and only wanted to sleep with the beautiful Ophelia. Toward the beginning of the book she was loyal to her family. “I’ll keep your words of wisdom close to my heart. But, my dear brother, don’t be like a bad priest who fails to practice what he preaches, showing me the steep and narrow way to heaven while you frolic…show more content…
But as the story continues her true intentions start to arise. Ophelia ultimately lost her innocence when she committed suicide at the end of the book. Evidence that proves how
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