Revenge In 'The Grapes Of Wrath': Questions And Answers

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1. Hannah’s motivation that drove her to her goal of revenge was each party and event at school leading up to her suicide. This is because in every party Hannah went to she was involved with a dilemma, for example, when Hannah went to Courtney Crimson’s party she opened her life to Clay, witnessed a rape, and got into a car accident which caused a death. These motivations contributed to Hannah wishing to commit suicide to avoid all the burdens connected with her predicaments, and the revenge took form of the cassette tapes. The set of cassette tapes accomplished its goal, because the recipients experienced guilt because of the effect of their actions. Although, Hannah reached her goal it came at a cost of taking her own life. 2. The story takes…show more content…
The theme of the novel is revenge, because the sole purpose of Hannah’s tapes was revenge for all the thirteen reasons that caused her to commit suicide. Hannah wanted to gain revenge on those specific thirteen people, because after all they triggered her to take her own life. For example, “After all, that’s why I’m here, right? Revenge” (74). Hannah created her tapes to show each person how their actions affected her, but some thought that she just wanted an excuse, “It's ridiculous … I don't belong on those tapes. Hannah just wanted an excuse to kill herself" (184). Marcus Cooley thought that he did not do anything so serious, that could have led Hannah that she took such a drastic action. The main example of revenge is from the cassette tapes, because Hannah wanted people who had things to do with her death to feel guilty for what they did. For example when Clay said, “My stomach squeezes in on itself, ready to make me throw up if I let it” (10). This showed how bad it felt to receive such a cassette tape from a person who committed…show more content…
This incident revealed an aspect of Hannah that is rare, because Hannah usually defends herself from others touching her like this. When Marcus Cooley began touching Hannah on their Valentine’s date, Hannah started to scream and began to hit him away. In this situation, Hannah is showing that she is mellow, because she only hit Bryce so he would stop touching her instead of telling him how his action was inappropriate. This connects to her reputation, because that is what provoked Bryce to do this in the beginning. Again, Justin and the “Hot or not” list created Hannah’s reputation, and made her susceptible to all of this sexual

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