The Contaminance Of Chlorine In Water

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Chlorine is everywhere in the world. Chlorine is basically a poison that can be toxic through inhaling and skin contact over a period of time. Chlorine is a very common disinfectant in almost every household and occurs in cleaning agents such as bleach, Clorox and other detergents. We use bleach in the washing machine to clean white clothes. We use Clorox wipes to wipe away any spills we may have around the house. Using washing liquid which contains chlorine in the washing machine or dishwasher can contaminate air in the home (Annie Bond). The water in the appliances, which has chlorine from the soaps, transfers chlorine to the air through a process called “volatilization. (Annie Bond)” According to Annie Bond,” underwater porcelain technician,…show more content…
We can take precautions by installing filters in our tap water and showers to prevent small contaminants of chlorine that may be present. There are a variety of ways to check how much chlorine there is in our waters such as using Dpd water test in a sterile cup by adding a few drops and if there is a color change then there is chlorine present in the water. Another way to see if chlorine is present in water is by dipping your hand for 10 seconds in a cup of tap water while having another cup using the same tap water source and putting Dpd drops. The liquid will turn yellow showing there is chlorine in it. While the other cup doesn’t change color at all because your hand absorbed all of the chlorine and that applies to when you are taking a shower or simply washing your hands. Chlorine absorbs into your body at a rapid rate and you check that by taking up water and spitting it back out while having a control using the water testing droplets. The Chlorine absorbs and therefore you cannot see it yellowing in the cup that you spit out the water because all of the Chlorine was absorbed and hence that’s why the cup is clear. Thus causing all sorts of harmful long term effects as weak hair, dry skin to respiratory issues, wheezing, sore throat and cough according to the environmental water

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