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The Northwest Coast area is a narrow belt of the pacific coastline and offshore island. It stretches from northwest california to southern border of Alaska. The Pacific Ocean is the western boundary, To the east of the coast are mountains of the coast range and cascades. In many places mountains or coastal hills fall steeply to a beach or riverbank. Heavy rains support dense towering forest that are rich in animal life. Tribes in the northwest had no food problems the caught plenty of fish, shellfish and even whale! They caught seals and porpoises from seas and streams. Men built traps to huge hauls of salmon and candlefish. Women smoke a year's supply of salmon and got oil from candlefish. Some other important fish were herring,smelt,cod and halibut. They also dug clams at the beach and smoke it.…show more content…
Chinook women cooks and takes care of the children most of the time. They gathered food such as plants, herbs, and berries for cooking. Chinook men usually wore no clothes at all. Both Chinook men and women took part in drawing, storytelling, trading, music, and traditional medicine. Both genders can be clan leader. Chinooks lived in rectangular shaped houses made of cedar planks called plank houses or long houses. These plank houses were large and had low roofs. These houses were really large and could fit an entire family. How large the houses was depended on factors such as how rich the family was, and how many people was in their family. The chief of the tribe assigns a space for where each family lived, unless someone built their own house for their wife, children, and grandchildren to live in. Once the owner of the houses dies, the house is either destroyed or given away to someone outside of their

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