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Nicccolo Machiavelli was one of the greatest thinkers of modern thought; he ultimately exhibits his brilliance in The Prince. He understood that human transformation of the world resembles what we have gained and what we continue to gain in forever radicalizing and questioning tradition and customary ways of thinking. It can be argued that Machiavelli’s over-arching goal of writing The Prince was to establish the reunification of Italy. In his work he outlines the groundwork needed to achieve such a goal; he proposes the separation of politics and religion and also archetypes the model prince. Machiavelli exemplifies numerous ancient and contemporary examples to illuminate the tactics of successful leaders. Machiavelli often makes reference to Cesare Borgia; a contemporary ruler whom established himself through fortune and King Ferdinand II, whom Machiavelli praises for his prowess and ability to preserve a remarkable reputation.…show more content…
Contradicting conventional morality he advises princes in order to be successful use violence and slyness when necessary to protect your state. He carefully tiptoes around the balance of virtues and fortune and outlines the necessary prowess needed in order to gain and hold principalities. Machiavelli claims that the state is one of man’s greatest endeavours, and that maintaining sovereignty is of the most vital concern. In order to maintain power, a prince must be respected. Machiavelli theorizes that men abuse kindness, but respect power; thus when given the opportunity to conquer and destroy a prince must do it, otherwise he will certainly be destroyed. On the famous question of “whether it is better to be loved or be feared,” it is preferable that a prince is maintains a flexible disposition in order to secure his position. Machiavelli tells us that the sovereign must engage in whatever is necessary to maintain order in

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