Interview Essay: Glen Becker's Migration To America

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Immigration Interview Essay Glen Becker was born in a little town Western, 80 miles North of Campbell, in South Africa, in 1949. He migrated and came to Ohio on January 27, 1991, at age 42. He is now 66 years old. He got to his final destination on January 28 1991. It took him one day to travel to America by plane. I choose to interview Mr. Becker because he came from a country that is much different from America. Glen Becker is an elder at my church and he lived in South Africa for many years of his life. Glen Becker grew up in a small but cozy house, on a quiet street called Church Street. His family cooked over a fire outside, rather than on a stove like most people do in the United States. He ate a lot of similar foods as he does now, but in South Africa they did not usually eat hamburgers, fries, and pizza, which are quite common in the United States. Their clothing style in South Africa was mostly short sleeves and short pants in the summer and long sleeves and long pants in the winter. He grew up before jeans were popular, so he mostly wore corduroys. In the cold winters wool shirts kept him and his family warm.…show more content…
They were pushed out of South Africa due to political reasons. The government of South Africa was socialist and communistic and him and his family would not have the freedom they wanted if they stayed. They choose to come to America because they wanted more freedom and more rights. Him and his family believed that the constitution would give them the freedom they wanted. While he was on the plane, many Americans helped Mr. Becker and gave him tips. He received tips on American language, lifestyle, and general things to know about

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