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Niccolo Machiavelli had many contributions during the Renaissance Era, due to the fact that he wrote a powerful book about politics, which is still to this day used. Politics increased immensely around 1532, when Machiavelli’s book, ‘The Prince’ was published. Machiavelli was an Italian philosopher, political theorist, diplomat, musician and writer of the Renaissance period. He always claimed he was not a philosopher, yet had all the traits to be one. In this essay the reader reading this will know why Machiavelli was such a great contribution to the Renaissance time. Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469, in Florence, Italy into a neat and wealthy family. Machiavelli was the third out of four children to Bernardo and Bartolomea. (Both his parents were members of the Florentine nobility.) His father, Bernardo, was a lawyer and small landowner with a pretty decent salary. Bernardo had his own small personal library that contained books by Greek and Roman philosophers and volumes of Italian history. Bernardo died in 1500, four years after Niccolo’s mother died, in 1496. His father offered much to him which allowed Niccolo’s education to start at age seven, and be surrounded by many examples, and books which opened up his mind to be such a wise man.…show more content…
Machiavelli prospered many leaders to become ruthless and taught them how to govern correctly. Before the publication of ‘The Prince’ it was first published as a pamphlet in 1513. Then the political book ‘The Prince’, was published in 1532. Some say Machiavelli’s death was caused of illness, or very disappointed and embittered because his book alienated himself from the Florentine people. Others happen to say that Machiavelli died of a heart attack. Either way, Machiavelli’s last breaths were taken in Florence, Italy in 1527. Also, it is stated that Machiavelli’s grandson, Giovanni Ricci, is credited with saving many of his writings and

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