Healthy School Lunches Research Paper

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I believe it is a good idea to change school lunches to a healthier menu. If the school menu changes, there would be outcomes that would benefit the students lives in and out of the school. Healthier menus would develop good eating habits for the kids, the students would feel and work better in their classes after eating a healthy lunch, and the obesity rate would decrease as a result of the students eating healthier. The first reason why it is a good idea to change school lunches to a healthier menu is that healthy lunches would help students develop good eating habits at school and at home. A child may not eat well at home, but if he/she starts eating the healthy lunch at school, their good eating habits may stay with them wherever they go. This means…show more content…
How students choose to eat reflects on their school work and how they feel during classes. If they eat junk food for breakfast and lunch, they are not getting the vital nutrition they need to focus on school work, and their grades may start to lower in that situation. If a students was to come to school and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, the nutrition from those foods will have an affect on their learning system, giving them the extra help they need to focus and do better in their classes. This will result in better grades and a happier student. The last reason why healthier school lunch menus are a good idea is that it would help cut down the obesity rate in the school and the community. So many kids are overweight from not eating right, not having the money to buy healthy foods, or their parents not caring about what they eat. Some students may want to start eating heathy, but don't have the supplies they need. So, if the school changes lunches to being healthier, the students could start living the healthy lifestyle they have wanted to live without worrying about not having the money or supplies. Those kids who chose to start eating better may have an affect on others and change their

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