Macbeth Good And Evil Essay

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Fair and Foul. Good and Evil. Light and Dark. This is a conflict that is brought up not only in the play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, but also an obstacle that we all face everyday of our lives. Evil and its development in Macbeth is a major theme of the play. I believe that it has three distinct sources, other people, mainly Lady Macbeth and the three murders. Macbeths own uncontrolled desires in regards to his ambitions and the supernatural elements. During the time that this story takes place the Christian belief was the main religion, there is a Christian belief that would describes these three sources of evil as “the world, the flesh and the devil” I showed these sources through: The crown represents Macbeth and is placed in the middle, between both fair and foul. We start of the play with Macbeth being on the “good” side of the spectrum. However, the red jewels on the top of the crown represent how “evil” no matter how good you are is always just on the edge of things. To be more specific, we always have the choice to do “good” or to do “evil”.” Shorty after choosing to give into his ambition to become king through murder Macbeth moves to the negative side of the spectrum. This is where the crown becomes stained with the blood of all of his victims as he slowly losses his ability to turn back.…show more content…
At first glance the witches are thought of to be only as “evil.” This is due to their supernatural abilities, shown through the witchcraft symbol on the cauldron. Additionally this is due to their trouble making habits, an example in the book is shown through their personal conversations and the visions they gave Macbeth. However, the witches are not all bad. They also represent hope. Hope that they gave to Macbeth while he was still “fair” and the hope that they represent when trying to defeat the “evil” that had plagued

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