Kaiser And The War Summary

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The connections between the experiences of Luther Standing Bear and the characters in “The San Francisco Indians” and the “Kaiser and the War” is that they all have to leave the reservation in order to pursue something. In addition, Luther Standing Bear volunteers to go to East in Carlisle School to prove to his father that he is brave enough to accept the challenges in learning to be an American, but eventually he goes back to the reservation. Likewise, the old man who is searching for his granddaughter in the “San Francisco Indians,” left the reservation only to find out the different world from his culture and he prays for the Indians to go back home to the reservation. On the other hand, Kaiser who did not want to go outside his reservation, but later on volunteers to join the army; he must have realize something that after all, Indians and Americans have the same duties, obligations and responsibilities in protecting the land they are on. It happens to be that to all of these stories, Indians who assimilated to become an American will always come back home, teaching their…show more content…
The Indians think the Sheriff is crazy because of the defiance the Sheriff wanted to do even when one of the chiefs said that they are not going to get Kaiser. The term “crazy” is even emphasized when Kaiser volunteered to join the army, and when he talked to Faustin, disobeying him and his decisions for him; he ended up calling Kaiser “really crazy.” On the other hand, the Sheriff thinks the Indians are crazy because of their indifferences and maybe how he thinks that the business they are up for are not as important as the Indians would see it. For example, the Indians will always make fun of the Sheriff calling him names such as “Sheriff Big

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