The Crawlers Journey

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The Descent - fits into the slasher and psychological narratives of the sub-genres of a horror. The extreme gore and violence shown when the girls are confronted by the 'Crawlers' indicate the slasher sub-genre, and the mysterious dark lighting where anything could be lurking and claustrophobia of being underground adds to the psychological horror genre. The irritant - This character is different from the others and gives off an uneasy attitude as the final girl doesn't know her too well. She is arrogant which makes the audience dislike her and she pushes the group into dangerous situations. Because of this she breaks her leg and is killed first by the 'Crawlers' in an overly gruesome way. The final girl/The unlikely hero - This character starts off with a back story showing how she is weaker than the other girls as her husband and…show more content…
They add suspense to the film as no human has reported these strange creatures, and as they lurk in the dark corners of the cave the audience never get to see them fully until near the end. This sense of the unknown increases fear both for the girls in the movie and the audiences uncertainty to what they could be. The cabin in the woods - A lone cabin in the middle of the woods is often seen in horrors as it is isolated from not only human civilization and contact, but also from the internet and telephone contacts as well. This emphasizes how the girls are on their own and will have to rely on only themselves to escape danger, adding tension for the audience. The caves - The caves add the feeling of claustrophobia for the audience, and emphasizes how isolated the girls are as they are not even above ground anymore. Caves also increase the risk for injury and getting lost or trapped, so the awareness of the many risks that could happen are heightened for the audience. The dark from the caves also brings out the audiences fear of the

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