Love Must Not Be Forgotten

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The stories “Marriage Is a Private Affair” and “Love Must Not Be Forgotten” teach readers about the different traditions that some people cultures have when it comes to marriage. Not everyone has the freedom to marry who they please without being severely judged. In “Marriage Is a Private Affair”, Nnaemeka’s grew up in a village where the parents decide who their children marry. He moved to a bigger city and fell in love with a girl named Nene. His father was so angry when he found out they were engaged to marry that he refused to see either of them again. Nnaemeka was very hurt but decided not to live a life of regret just to please his father. He did not understand why his village would want their children to marry someone they are not in love with. Yes, they might have liked their spouse, but you can’t force yourself to love someone. Nnaemeka and Nene were looked at as outsiders for what they did. It took a lot of strength to not let society affect their love for each other. After quite sometime, their happiness started to change the way people looked at them. They became more accepting of their marriage. Even their father eventually decided that he did not want…show more content…
She finds out that her mother was in love with a man she could never be with. She could not tell him how she felt but she knew he felt the same way. Everyday she poured her heart out to him in her diary. Marriage was looked at as a barter or obligation in their society. He had to marry another woman because her husband gave his life to save him. He owed him. Their only option was to love each other from afar. They would see each other out on their way home from somewhere or so on short strolls together. Before she died she had told her daughter, who was unsure if she was ready to marry someone, not to rush into anything. She said it is better to live life alone than to marry someone you don’t

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