Isolation In Margaret Atwood's Death By Landscape

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“Death by Landscape” is a story by Margaret Atwood that incorporates the theme of isolation. As the short story begins, Lois, the main character, is described to have many pictures in her house that she holds extreme value towards and sometimes, having them fills a void for her loneliness. She often talks about how “there is something, or someone, looking back out” in the pictures (100). The narrator talks about how Lois attends Camp Manitou from the ages of nine and thirteen years old. She meets her best friend there named Lucy. During the last year of camp Lois and Lucy go on a week-long trip but on the second day the two girls decide to depart from the group of the rest of the people and go up to lookout point. Lucy tells Lois she’s going to urinate, although, when she is finished, she never returns. Lois hears a loud scream, but has a problem identifying it. For weeks, months, even years, everyone looks for Lucy and she is nowhere to be found. Lois struggled immensely with the thought of letting go of her best friend. Loneliness and isolation tie in…show more content…
It is incorporated a lot throughout this story when talking about Lois. At first, her parents force her to go to camp every summer because they don’t want her home all that often. “She hated the thought of having to write dutiful letters to her parents claiming she was having fun. She could not complain, because camp cost so much money” (103). As the story progresses, she finds herself losing her best friend, whom she met at this camp that she really didn’t even want to be attending to begin with. Although she and Lucy share this inseparable bond that becomes irreplaceable, “the difference was that Lucy did not care about the things she didn’t know, whereas Lois did” (105). As she grows old, she loses her family also. “Now that the boys are grown up and Rob is dead, Lois has moved to a condominium apartment in one of the newer waterfront developments”

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