The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Meal Analysis

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Philip Kircher Ms. Smith – 6th AP English IV 24 July 2014 How to Read Literature Like a Professor Summer Assignment For the question regarding chapter 2, I chose the lunch from The Great Gatsby. This meal shows the dynamics between the different characters in the novel as well as initiating a large shift in the story which inevitably leads to the death of Gatsby. Overall, the meal is a bad sign for things to come and is symbolic of the tension that is building as it forces the characters to share something as intimate as a meal even though some among them despise each other. (Chapter 2) In literature, an excellent example of baptism can be found in the book Fahrenheit 451 at the end when the main character Guy falls into a river while fleeing the authorities. Once he emerges from the water, he is in a way, reborn, as he no longer is a part of the society he left behind and has started anew. To further reinforce this, once he gets out of the water, he dons new clothing as if to say he has left behind the terrible society he has come from and is going to embrace things that he could not while in his…show more content…
One example of this is the Harry Potter series, namely the first installment. In this first book, there are a great deal of parallels between the characters Harry Potter and Cinderella. Both characters live with relatives who do not treat them with respect or give them love and live in non-ideal conditions. They both are “rescued” from their lives by a third party. For Cinderella, it’s a fairy godmother while in Harry Potter, it’s a half-giant by the name of Hagrid. These parallels serve to deepen the irony in Harry Potter because with Cinderella, once she meets the fairy godmother, everything gets better, but for Harry, his entrance into the wizarding world only serves to deepen his peril. (Chapter

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