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"ragini khanna was a television artist initially and later entered in to the big screen of bollywood industry. Her mind blowing performances has attracted the crowd. She is an easy going personality as she has taken up many humour subjects on screen . She has entered in to this acting field from 2008. She has hosted many reality shows and made a gradual transition from television to bollywood industry." "ragini khanna has not yet married. she is the rising star on television. She feels that marriage is commitment. but there is a news revolving around about her dating with the business man named jesal arya. But nothing is known about him as they are maintaining it secreatly. this couple has not yet caught over the clicks of media. they were…show more content…
she has not spoken much about her personal life to media. presently she is dating jasy which is maintained as secret and it was disclosed by her friend's circle recently." ----- ----- "her ideal man should look her inner beauty apart from physical looks. she wanted her man to be loyal and accept her for what she is now. he must support her in her career development and be the backbone for her success" "she would love to have a love marriage. she feels marriage is commitment where everyone should get in to it at one part of phase in their life time. at the same time it should not be the end to the career .she feels the marriage should be done on constructive purpose. marriage alone is not the destiny in life. women should see life beyond marriage. she would love to get married only after she reach a stable place in her acting career. she wants to build her career in bollywood before entering into commitment in life. she wants to acheive something before tying knot with love life." "she has not yet married and not decided about child plan. in general she is fond of children as she has hosted a game show for kids and she has admired the energy level they possess during the shooting period of…show more content…
she is waiting to reach a better place in acting before planning for her personal space in life." "she was amazed by the way they performed in the game show which she hosted. she has no kids on her own as she has not yet married since. she is fond of children with bubbling thoughts and views.she was impressed by the way they are presenting themselves on screen. moreover she was astonished to see the energy levels of those participating kids.she has no plans about her children but in general she admires the present generation kids with full of knowledge and energy." "she loves to go for a long drive in bike. she loves privacy a lot. so she prefers to lonely place so that none of them bother about their words and movements. she wants to talk about all issues and want to understand the pros and cons of each other. she loves to talk more about her career and her growth in bollywood industry." "ragini has a lot of followers as she is attracted by her charm look. her personal life has not yet come under the lime light. so fans were not aware about her lover. some of them not even know she is in relationship. ragini aims to establish

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