Mari Maalik Character Analysis

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• Maalik-A man's actual commitment is addressed when the couple's kid is conceived with no appendages • Apraadh-A racer succumbs to a lovely young lady who ends up being a hoodlum. • Preetam-A tyke with no folks is raised by his uncle and close relative and turns into a man who tends to others. • Haar Jeet-A cheerfully wedded man gets tangled into an additional maritial issue driving her to get pregnant. • Roop tera mastaana-Princess Usha is substituted with careful clone by her own one of a kind partner Arijit. • Pyaar Diwana-Sunil is a collegian and originates from a high society crew. His guardians need him to wed their preferred young lady, yet he revolts, and declines to do as such. He needs to wed delightful kindred collegian,…show more content…
• Tangewala-Rai Bahadur Kishandas, because of his soft spot for liquor and ladies drives his wife and kids out of the house. Abruptly, his fortune takes a turn and he is lessened to the condition of a homeless person. • Ek Bechara-Rajan (jitendr) is a town jokester and his dad who is a her deathbed releases has child that he must and meet a certain. Raibahadur mohan (pran) who lives in the city who may have the capacity to offer him some assistance with acting with some work. • Jungle mei mangal-Biology Professor Laxmi, in the organization of nine of her understudies, and a religious circle cloister adherent, Sophia, go on a field trip in Kerala,but a zombie like animal is after them. • Jaanwar aur Insaan-Shekhar carries on with a well off way of life with in widowed mother, Gauri, India and deals with a home. The area is being threatened by a tiger which was injured by him and has following turned out to be considerably more…show more content…
• Bombay to goa-A transport trip crosswise over India is loaded down with music, risk and sentiment. • Maryada-Lalita lives with her widowed mother in a little town in India. One day while going by street, she is stranded, and a young fellow named Raja Babu provides to her with some timely help. Both experience passionate feelings for one another. When she illuminates her mom about her adoration for Raja, she is met with solid resistance, as her mom realizes that Raja Babu is now hitched and has a child. • Pakeezah-A Muslim prostitute, Sahibjaan (Meena Kumari) longs to get away from the massage parlor in which she was raised, much like her mom Nargis (likewise Kumari) before her, who additionally carried on with the life of a concubine. In any case, when a young fellow from a respectable family, Salim Ahmed Khan (Raaj Kumar), hears her sing and move, he experiences passionate feelings. Lamentably, his rich folks are against any relationship between them, so Salim relinquishes his family so as to be with Sahibjaan, even after he gets some answers concerning her past. • Ek paheli-Maria, a secretive lady, continues showing up and vanishing from Sudhir's life

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