Love For This Book And Nothing But Death Essay

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Going through all the hardships helps Pablo Neruda write about life issue with more impact to the audience and putting more own experience/emotion into the poem while writing the masterpiece. His poems' tone leans more toward the depressing side but in the same time, it is really inspiring. In his poem “Love for This Book” and “Nothing But Death” he discuss what loneliness means to him, how we should make every second count and death is something we need to be prepare and expected instead scare of. In the poems “Love for This Book” and “Nothing But Death” by Pablo Neruda share similar theme of loneliness and have a depressing tone. In both “Love for This Book” and “Nothing but Death”, Neruda shows how different obstacle and challenges he needs to face in life are making him really depressing. In “Love for This Book”, he describes he is torturing by the surroundings, as he says “In these lonely regions I have been powerful/in the same way as a cheerful tool/or like untrammeled grass which lets loose its seed/or like a dog rolling around in the dew”(1-4). He first believe that he have the power to over come the stresses. However, later he finds out the stresses he is facing have more power than him, he mentions, “…the waves that unceasing construct their own whiteness, /all with be firm without us, /all will be ready for the new…show more content…
The life cycle includes birth, child, adolescent, adult, elderly, and last but not least death. Death is the final stop for every one of his or her lives because it is a nature cause and no one will have the exception to avoid it. Neruda explains how death comes and leaves quietly, as he says “Death arrives among all that sound/ like a shoe with no foot in it, like a suit with no man it in” (23-24). Death arrives with no sound similar to shoe with no foot in it because shoe with no foot in it can’t possibly make any

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