The Great Gatsby Diary Entry Essay

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This paper is a diary entry of Gatsby’s which was written prior to the events of the book while Gatsby was at war. The diary entry sets the stage for the events which take place in the book. Gatsby has a lapse of letters from Daisy, he hears of Daisy’s marriage to Tom, and is introduced to the company of Meyer Wolfsheim. The diary entry makes reference to his early beginnings, with Dan Cody, showing Gatsby transform over the years. Throughout the entry, Gatsby’s various personality and moral characteristics are mirrored as they are represented in the book. These characteristics include his need to have complete control and orchestrate his appearance. This is shown in his meticulous planning of future events, and creation of his own identity. Another characteristic expressed is Gatsby’s endless hope for improvement in his situation. Even when it seems as if there is no room for moving forward, Gatsby always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. It also shows that Gatsby is willing to sacrifice morality for attaining his goals, in a Machiavellian like style. This is demonstrated in his willingness to fund his flagrant endeavors through shady potentially illegal business with Wolfsheim. The diary entry provides insight into Gatsby’s mind prior to the book. Essay…show more content…
That destined fate of course, is a life with my love Daisy. Not a day passes since I left for the war back in 1917 where I do not yearn for a Daisy, the pure representation of the pinnacle of perfection. At every corner there is a new obstacle, impeding my deserved destiny. Yet not too far away from each obstacle, there is a fresh, winding, dirt path leading its way back to my aspirations. Now I have uncovered yet another path, which will surely bring my way to Daisy in the states, however bleak it may seem from my current state far away in this treacherous

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