Cinderella And Ashputtle

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Stepmothers: Stepping Away From Warts, Cackles, and Wickedness The essay Reading Fairy Tales Maria Tartar suggests “There is something to be said for the view that fairy tales have no stable meaning as well as for the views that are charged with meaning, but there are numerous other positions and possibilities between these two extremes” (J.D. Stahl pg. 284). Children in the 18th and 19th century grew up with the beloved fairy tales of triumphant protagonists—whether princess or pauper—and the falling of the wickedness which tries to stop the protagonists successes. Mistreated characters eventually find their happily ever after while the evil character suffer horrendous punishments resulting in death. The story proceeds with the book of fairy…show more content…
Although these two stories are very similar Ashputtle delivers the true essence of an “evil” stepmother. As manipulative, blunt, and horrible as the stepmother seems, the story we’re presented with revolves around the protagonist Ashputtle. The reader doesn’t get the sense of the stepmother’s perspective. For one, the stepmother could be jealous to the fact that her new husband has more love for his daughter, and feels like she is being placed as a secondary priority. In Cinderella Saturday Afternoon at the Movies, Louise Bernikow explains “A woman marries a man who has a daughter and comes to his household where the daughter’s strongest connection is to her father; the stepmother’s strongest connection is to the husband. The eternal triangle appears […]” (529). Therefore, this insecurity the step mother may have of Ashputtle’s father marrying her for the title of mother rather than a genuine love connection may embed in the stepmother’s hate for Ashputtle. Another theory as to why the stepmother is labeled evil is because of her greed. The Stepmother may not even love Ashputtle’s father; rather, his wealth is the ultimate deal breaker. However, when playing the devil’s advocate, the use of tough love is used between the stepmother and Ashputtle. The stepmother could have the tiniest of faith for Ashputtle. Her beauty, grace, and hardworking attitude without complaining may contribute as a muse when comparing her own daughters who are very greedy, selfish and conceded. One similarity we see between Ashputtle and her stepmother is their beauty. Perhaps, the stepmother experienced the

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