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Hurricane Donna was a major storm system that caused mass destruction along the Atlantic Coast. It was catastrophic and was one of the greatest hurricanes in the United States. Hurricane Donna affected many people by how and where it happened, its damages, and its aftermath which determined what these places look like today. According Webster’s Dictionary,” A tropical cyclone with winds of 74 miles (119 kilometers) per hour or greater that occurs especially in the western Atlantic, that is usually accompanied by rain, thunder, and lightning, and that sometimes moves into temperate latitudes.(Webster Dictionary 1).” It produces strong winds due to high and low pressure systems mixing in. The “eye” of a hurricane is where the…show more content…
This means that scientists can accurately predict what can happen before but cannot measure the detail during the hurricane. This is really important system because we predict this hurricanes so people in affected cities can evacuate safely. There are five categories on the scale. Category 1 is when a hurricane’s wind reaches around 75-95 mph.(NOAA SS Scale ). As the severity of winds increase, the more damage will increase as well. A category 5 is the most damaging winds clocking in at 157 mph and above (NOAA SS Scale). That is enough to devastate a city and tear apart trees and houses as well. Category one and two are considered are considered minor hurricanes while categories three to five are considered major ones. (NOAA SS Scale) Hurricane Donna hit along the Atlantic coast of the United States from Sep. 9-11 of 1960 (National Hurricane Center).It traveled a total about 200 miles on the Coastline. By September of 1960, it was coming for the United States with a huge force. According to the NOAA, it had a Category 4 potential which was very deadly. (NOAA) The most prominent areas that it hit the…show more content…
According to National Hurricane Center,” The hurricane caused $387 million in damage in the United States and $13 million elsewhere along its path.” In 1960, that was really expensive and due to this that U.S economy had went a little down. Crops likes Oranges and Grapefruit were destroyed and it took time for the produce to get back on the market. The cities that were affected the most were, Puerto Rico, Florida Keys, and the New England area. According to the National Hurricane Center, in Puerto Rico it killed 107 in Puerto Rico caused by flooding from the heavy rains.” However, Puerto Rico is has recovered from Hurricane Donna and now the people are aware on what hurricanes can do to the masses of people. Hurricane Donna was a deadly hurricane that swept the Atlantic coast and caused great damage. Today Puerto Rico, South Florida, and the New England have recovered and are thriving. In this 21st century, The United States has made new technology to combat hurricanes. According to the scientific american, “ Meteorologist Doug Forsyth is heading up efforts to improve radar, which plays a role in forecasting most weather.” This means that we can more smarter about what is ahead and possible more lives as well too. Hurricanes are a force to be reckon with and should be watched attentively. Hurricane Donna really put these areas to the point where they could no function. According to Sun

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