Love And Attraction In Romeo And Juliet

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Xafsa Shute Shute 1 June 9, 2014 Honors English 2 Sbardella Love and Attraction Humans have been prone to love since the beginning of time. Every person has experienced love in another person at least once. People can be in love with children, family and other beings. Love like lust is based on the chemistry between individuals. Love is based on the intensity of one’s love, if it is great, an individual will make sacrifices for another person. Almost all humans are also infatuated with the feeling of being in love, thus why people are in love with being in love. The reason why people are attracted to certain people is because of brain chemistry. As the world is approaching a new era, more people from different…show more content…
In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, both characters were too young and immature for love, They both did not consider the feeling or thoughts of their family and friends and just rushed into a relationship. On the balcony scene, Juliet is talking to herself and says not cautious anyone is around and says one of the most famous lines by Shakespeare: “ Oh Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name ; or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be Capulet” in this quote, Juliet is saying that she is willing to leave her family just to be with romeo, even if it’s the cost of her own family for a boy she has only met and thought she was in love just by the sight of him because of merely of how he looked. The tragedy is why people until now are so infatuated with love at first…show more content…
That being said, it is also important that if looking for love, it is important that people let go emotionally of someone who was in their life in the past. It sets an unhealthy drive when trying out for new experiences and only means the individual has not moved on. People should look at past relationships and analyze how long their previous relationships have lasted, who initiated the relationship and who initiated the breakups and look for any repetitive patterns. It is also important to picture if people can imagine themselves with being with a soulmate and see if they can picture themselves with him or her. But people wonder if they can be sure if they really are in love. That depends if they are willing to sacrifice anything for their relationship. Because of this, this can trigger “lifeswitch” moments for people. Even though love varies from person to person whether it may be because of race,religion,or culture, in the aspects of being in love, love really is blind. Because aside of finding each other emotionally attractive, it is important for two people to have shared interests and values. It is also noted that depending on the age of the two who are interested in being in love, it may change in what why see and value in a

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