Murder To Excellence Song Analysis

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Derrick Shippy 9/23/14 Linear Notes 1.) Jayz ft. Kanye West- Murder to Excellence This song descriptively describes the song as one against war, against violence, but mostly has to do with the theme of suffering the song is about the title, "Murder to Excellence," among the black community. This book has a lot of scenes where it has to do with being against violence of all kinds, this book has a lot to do with theme of suffering, and so does the song. This song is forwarded to the suffering of black on black crime, how all the time people or being subjected because of their race and or skin color. Jayz and kayne west made this song hoping to give back to communities of color to help them realize, that things will get better. Just as in this book, Billy Pilgrim goes through a lot of suffering, and suffering usually occurs amongst the best of us. 2.) Artists for Haiti- We are the World This song was created for the people of Haiti, but I found this song to be most useful to the theme of the destruction of war. In this song we hear a lot of different artists…show more content…
The book shows that the idea of fate and free will is different in the life of humans, it is as a knew discovery, but by living with the Tralfamadorians, it allowed him to follow the rules of free will, by this he accept the idea, of pain, death as well as war. And in this song, the artist Ariana Grande expresses free will in a different way, by expressing how she is becoming a free person, but it isn’t the same scenario as Billy Pilgrim, it has to do with being who you are, not letting people tell you who you are, the same way humans believe that death is predetermined, as well as predestined, and unavoidable so they choose to accept it. Ariana Grande shoots the music video in a background that aliens appear in, and I compared that too the Tralfamadorians, and compared Ariana Grande to Billy

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