Kate Sheppard's Abuse Against Indigenous People

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Throughout the world human rights have and are being abused. This abuse affects how both adults, indigenous people and children in a 3rd world country live. Most of this abuse is being ignored by more than two thirds of the globe, however, there are certain organisations such as Amnesty International, and people like Kate Sheppard who have sprung into action to help these people and spread the word about human rights. A lot of the abuse that was going on in the world was against Indigenous People for example Australian Aboriginals. There are 400,000 Aboriginals in Australia, yet in the 1880’s most aboriginal children had been taken from their tribes and families by white Australians and been put in special camps to make them like ‘white people.’…show more content…
Kate Sheppard was born on March 10th in 1847 and died in 1934. Born in Liverpool, she migrated to New Zealand in her early twenties where in 1885 she joined the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union) in which they were fighting for women's right to drink. She said 'We are tired of having a "sphere" around us, and anything outside that sphere is "un-womanly".' Sheppard traveled the country spreading the word about the WCTU and women's rights. Later they decided to fight for the right for women to vote. She did this by writing to newspapers, having public meetings, and writing and handing out pamphlets. Some men didn't like this idea. A resident in Wellington named Henry Wright wrote women were ‘recommended to go home, look after their children, cook their husbands’ dinners, empty the slops, and generally attend to the domestic affairs for which Nature designed them’. Even though women were getting negative comments from men they were getting extremely good feedback and comments from the women. In 1893 Kate Sheppard and other members from the WCTU gathered nearly 32,000 signatures to help support their cause. A petition that was 270m long was given to parliament and was un-scrolled with dramatic effect which inspired suffrage movements all over the world. Later in September the law was finally approved and women were allowed to

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