Gone Lord Of The Flies And Gone Comparison Essay

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Lord of the Flies (1954) and Gone (2008) share a common theme that the human nature impulse toward civilisation is not as deeply rooted as the human impulse for savagery. Both novels explore the fundamental nature of children left without any adult supervision and convey similar ideas through their characters using the elements of society such as good versus evil. In both Lord of the Flies and Gone, readers are introduced to a world where all adults have vanished. In the wake of the shocking loss of all that they’ve ever known, the teens are faced with an opportunity of recreating their own society and lives. The teens recognize almost immediately that leadership, structure and basic guidelines are necessary to their survival. Without someone…show more content…
Both are slightly insecure about being thrust into the role of “leader” but as the story progresses they each become more focused on doing the ‘right’ thing for the children under their leadership. Though reluctant, they represent kind, selfless, and civilised characters and stay that way throughout the stories. Like Ralph’s reaction to Simon’s death, Sam has a strong sense of morality, such as when he considers taking guns to fight against Orc, and is then unhappy with himself for considering it. Similarly, the characters with proclivity towards power, malice and savagery become even more so under the new social system. Jack and Caine and Orc in Gone, all find their new situation as a way to get ahead, to scrabble to the top and the heap no matter whom they harm in the process. Whether they do so out of a sense of entitlement (Caine, Jack) or they do so based off their insecurity (Orc), these bad natured characters grab power tightly and are willing to cut down anyone who comes against them. Although Caine, like Jack, initially seems to a benign leader, he becomes increasingly out of control and megalomaniacal, for instance when he ordered Drake to kill Astrid and Pete. Astrid represents Piggy, as they are both intelligent, the outcast, and the voice of reason. They both play a role in supporting the hero and giving them

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