Lord Of The Flies Good Vs Evil Essay

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Every human being has a corruptive side hidden within them. Although we as individuals in society control and learn to cope with this despicable instinct. But the question is, can an individual continue to hide that corruptive side when tempted with evil?? Or will this cause their wicked subconscious to take over and introduce the malicious and vile side that is present within us all. Golding analyzes this issue in his novel Lord of the flies. This novel is an allegory and it is demonstrated with a group of boys that get stranded on an island with no adults when fleeing from World War II. However two characters in the novel stood out very much. Their names were Jack and Ralph, and their personalities were very distinct causing me to believe…show more content…
In chapter one Ralph was the one that blew the conch causing everyone on the island to gather around. Ralph was then voted to be chief, where he started to make the island equal. “We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages”.( Page 55) For Ralph knew that if everyone remained civil and they had rules to follow, they would easily survive and ultimately be rescued. Jack initially agreed with Ralph on this, but his thirst for power and authority drove him to sabotage and go against Ralph and his ideas. Resulting in the separation between these two characters, expressing my theme of chaos against…show more content…
Piggy is most intelligent boy on the island, and his glasses represent rationality and reasoning within society."The flash of his spectacles" ( Page 44) This quote is when the boys start the fire with piggy’s glasses portraying the theme of intelligence, and also showing how the boys are still able to think rationally even when stuck on an island. Though piggy’s glasses are broken later in the novel and we are informed that Piggy cried out ‘my specs!”. This shows us that the civilized side of the boys is no longer there, and that the boys chaotic dark side has taken

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