Lord Of The Flies Man Vs Savagery

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“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accord[ing] [to] the individual” (Albert Einstein). In the young adult novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the boys living on the island represent a place full of different personalities and egos. The differences in their individualities develop the main conflict between ferocity and integrity. Had the boys learned to take the opportunity to live righteously, they could escape the outcome of death and savagery. Therefore, the moral allegory becomes evident through the id and the superego, demonstrating the idea that people must become more civil in order for a society to function properly and remove the evil within their hearts. Jack represents the…show more content…
Jack goes out in the forest and kills a sow and “then he start[s] work[ing] on the sow and paunch[es] her”, while the hunters from his group “[watch] him” (Golding 136). The action of Jack wanting to kill an innocent pig supports the idea that he is selfish by taking the life of a pig out of pure bloodlust and excitement while encouraging others to join his activities. A person who has moral values will not want to chase down a fragile being but help it instead. During his adventures in the forest, Jack puts war paint on his face, “one cheek and one-eye socket white, then he rub[s] red over… his face and slash[es] a black bar of charcoal across…” (Golding 63). The red color symbolizes blood and black symbolizes the darkness while the white represents the integrity of human nature. White is a light color, so it is easily overshadow by the dark colors. The significance in colors show Jack’s true nature from the blood of the victims he kills to the darkness where he relies on. Thus, “the numerous images of darkness underline the moral blackness of the boy’s crumbling society” (Dickson 5). At the end of the novel, when Ralph is hiding in the pile of foliage, he smells “a column of smoke” rising

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