Negative Effects Of Roman Conquests

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Introduction The taste of fertile land and the threat Rome had around her surely contributed to her conquering adventure. In order to achieve her goal of conquering and to protect herself against the enemy, Rome began to build a powerful military in which all Roman citizens were required to serve in the military when need arise. This strategy surely guaranteed a steady availability of soldiers. With the powerful military in place, the Roman conquer began. This mission did not only result in expanding the territory, but it also came with a lot of negative effects. The following paragraphs will discuss some of those negative effects which was as a result of the Roman conquests. The Roman conquests adventure brought to her citizens especial the Plebeians an unbearable life condition which even led to a revolt. The late wars fought by the Roman left this group of people in poverty and distress situation as their farms, houses and all property were damaged by the enemy(Morey, 1901). This ruinous took place due to the fact the this group of people were residing mostly in the outskirt of the city making their property and families not to be protected as those that were in the city.…show more content…
At the end of the second Punic war, the land was totally ruined making it very difficult for small farmers to continue with their daily activities. Due to the fact that small farmers did not have the needed finance to revive their farms, the wealthy and big farmer purchased them, revived them and continue to accumulate wealth while the small farmers kept with their

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