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The Sugar Glider is the down right no questions asked the best pet for any household. The Sugar Glider is a pleasing nocturnal marsupial from Australia. A Sugar Glider has a long life span and a very high intelligence for it’s size. A truly amazing thing about the Sugar Glider is that it has an unyielding relationship and bond with all types of owners. The essential part of to why this marsupial is the best fit for any household is because of how cute and loveable this tiny creature is. Any pet owner wants their pet to live a long and healthy life, so that is why the Sugar Glider should be in the consideration of the next available pet, for families that are searching to add a new member. A well taken care of Sugar Glider can live up to 15 years. Studies have shown that a Sugar Glider has the same intelligence as a dog. New pet owners should be aware that these marsupials need at least 2 months of training if the Sugar Glider is to a be a happy and smart pet. If trained properly a Sugar Gliders can learn its name and also learn tricks.…show more content…
Sugar Gliders have a permanent bond with their owners. Do to their small stature, Sugar Gliders can go with their owners anywhere. They are very portable animals because they can fit in the pockets of the owner. Like dogs, Sugar Gliders instinctually want to be with their owners at all times. They feel like once they are a member of the house, they will do anything to be with the people of the house. Other than dogs this marsupial is loyal and will never leave anyone's side. It has the idea in its head that once it is a member of the pack, it is a member for life, that is it’s attitude 24/7. Sugar Gliders can also bond with other pets of the house and there should be no worries of the Sugar Glider getting into any fights with the other

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