How Does Golding Use Chaos In Lord Of The Flies

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Human beings live with the impulses to either live a life of peace, order, respect, and goodness or live a life with chaos, anarchy, and overall evil. William Golding relates to these two impulses as living in a well-organized civilization and living a life of anarchy. Golding was an English novelist who after college decided to work as a teacher at Bishop’s Wordsworth School where he taught English and philosophy. While teaching Golding’s experience working with school boys later inspired him to write “Lord of the Flies”. He then abandoned the teaching career to join the Royal Navy in order to help in world war two, which also later inspired him to write the novel. In 1945 when the war finished he went back to teaching and wrote his novel…show more content…
Edgar likes how throughout the whole story Golding uses symbolism to relate one thing to another. It makes the story so much more thought provoking and unique because not many people use this literary device. Adam and Marcos really like the main theme and conflicts of the story because it captures the reality of human nature. Throughout the entire story two characteristics are shown: order and chaos. This really captured all of our attention because this is the reality; it is all humans have done throughout history. While Ean really likes how the characters evolve throughout the story, Ricardo likes how the story, or plot, itself evolves. We all like the plot of the novel because it is interesting throughout the entire story and made us want to keep…show more content…
He successfully builds a mini civilization on the island. Ralph is the one who is always thinking of ways to get rescued unlike all the other boys who just want to play games ands have fun. He likes to keep the mini civilization like a democracy and they all have rules to follow. Ralph is always thinking for the group instead of himself. For example he goes to build huts while everyone else is playing. Ralph is the most civilized and he is one of the best kids that is on the island. Ralph is always with Piggy. Piggy is the smartest one on the island and he even builds a sundial. He is always whining and complaining. He is always being made fun of because of his weight and his asthma. He thought of the idea of using his glasses to light fires. He is always with Ralph from the beginning until the day he dies. He is the weakest of the bunch but he is the most intelligent. He found the conch shell in the beginning which led Ralph to find all the boys. Piggy is killed in the end by Roger and his body lays on the beach twitching like a pig that has been killed. Roger is like Piggy to Jack. He is always with Jack and he will do just about anything Jack tells him to do. He is sadistic and he likes to cause pain and kill. He killed Piggy by rolling a boulder over his head. He is also the one that tortures “samneric”. He even made a stick to put Ralphs head on when they caught him. Jack, the

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