Thesis For Alaska Suicide

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“It is on the tip of my tongue,” are the words we usually hear when someone is so close to giving an answer to the question that was posed. For most, it irritates us to not be able to say the answer to the question, so we go back to our resources to find just what we are looking for. Yet, some come so close to and answer, but cannot go back to their resource. That was the position that the fun and mischievous group of boys were in at Culver Creek Boarding School after the death of their friend Alaska Young. Not knowing if she committed suicide or if the car crash was a complete accident leaves the boys scrambling to find an answer. As time progresses, adolescent suicide has increased exponentially. Likewise, the adolescent death rate has increased…show more content…
Although Chip and Miles felt responsible for her death, they had forgotten that other people cared for Alaska as well, especially their friend Takumi. They had pushed him away and left him out of their plans. He confronted him about their secretiveness and Chip decided that even though he might hate them for them letting her go, “he’ll hate us more if we keep pretending he doesn’t exist” and potentially lose another friend (177). Peace and answers are what you want to have after grieving. Throughout the novel Alaska asked “how to get out the labyrinth,” but no one was ever able to answer (20). After her death, her teacher posed the exam question of “How will –you personally— get out the labyrinth of suffering?” (215) While going through her room, to retrieve anything her aunt may have not wanted to see, Miles looked through her book The General in His Labyrinth, and saw that she had answered her question –straight and fast. He thought that is how she went as well, straight and fast. At the end of the book, Miles was finally able to answer Alaska’s piercing question, and forgiveness was the answer. He knew that she would forgive them for letting her go and “that we had to

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