The Four Main Characters In Looking For Alaska By John Green

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Looking for Alaska is a Michael Printz Award winning, teen novel by John Green. In the book, there are several main characters. The main character is Miles Halter. The other characters are Alaska Young, Chip Martin (the Colonel), and Takumi Hikohito. The four major characters are all best friends who spend their free time playing pranks on the dean of the school. If a movie were to be created the main characters would best be played by Dylan O’Brien as Miles, Lily Collins as Alaska, Jeremy Sumpter as Chip Martin, and Christopher Larkin as Takumi. The perfect actor to play Miles Halter would be Dylan O’Brien for many reasons. The character Miles is tall, skinny, dark haired, somewhat quiet, and more of an introvert. He is not fond of social interactions, especially small talk. His character is highly important in the book seeing as he is the…show more content…
After Peter Pan he was not in many well-known movies for a period of time. It wasn’t until he played a role in Friday Night Lights and then Into the Storm, that he became a more popular actor as an adult. Into the Storm is a movie about tornados and Jeremy plays a role of the camera man who risks his life to film a tornado and ends up dying. In that movie he was a risk-taker which ended up leading him into trouble, which is a lot like the character of the Colonel. Although the movie is extreme compared to Looking for Alaska, Jeremy played the daredevil character flawlessly. In the popular television series Friday Night Lights, Sumpter plays an arrogant quarterback for his football team. He is sure of himself, which is a major characteristic of the Colonel. His character as JD in Friday Night Lights is constantly pranking and getting in trouble. Sumpter is short and has dark hair, so he looks the part. Jeremy Sumpter would make a great Chip Martin because he can play a confident leader who can also be

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