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Anyone who has laced up hockey skates or even seen a hockey game knows that a game is five on five with a goalie on each side. The players use hockey sticks to whack around a puck at speeds of over one hundred miles per hour. when the puck is dropped to start a play the players whizz around the ice t checking, passing shooting and taking their shifts while a puck never takes a break. To anyone who has never seen a hockey puck, it is a little round rubber cylinder flying all over the ice while other sports use balls hockey is played with a puck. A hockey puck is made of more than just seen by the naked eye, it is made by vulcanized rubber which is a heavy duty rubber that tends to break less often than normal. Yes people have broken hockey…show more content…
As mentioned before hockey pucks are made from vulcanized rubber, three inches across one inch thick and around six ounces. Many people don’t believe in the cow dung story about pucks and believe it was a rubber ball cut in half to let it slide on the ice instead of bounce. Aluminum sticks came into play and were the lightest and greatest sticks made at the time. The issue with theses sticks where players could not feel the puck, but Aluminum sticks became banned when composite sticks because of their…show more content…
A little over two years ago CCM launched the CCM RBZ which is now the fastest growing hockey stick chain if you will in the world. Since the launch in August of 2012 CCM has released the CCM RBZ, CCM RBZ Stage 2 and the RBZ Superfast using their new technology. CCM is super proud to be back on top of the hockey world with the exclusive speed pocket inside the blades of their sticks, especially in this years Superfast where they made sure even less energy was wasted not on the shot. In case you didn't know what a speed pocket is it is about three to four (depending on the size) channels in the blade of a hockey stick allowing the hockey player to get a harder shot, passes and a quicker release. The RBZ series also has a custom kick point, so wherever your hand is the stick will flex there letting you get a harder shot and a better chance of scoring. The Superfast is made with a tad thicker blade than the other sticks in the RBZ series making it the most durable and not letting the trampoline effect loosen up and be non existent in its blade. The RBZ series has the lowest swing weight allowing you to get a faster shot. Dynamic Strain Profile (DSP) The change in magnitudes of the 5 strain gauges during flexion along the X direction of

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