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In Yamacraw there is two teaches Mr. Conroy and Mrs. Brown. Mr. Conroy was brought to the Yamacraw Island from the city to teach the kids’. Mrs. Brown is also a teacher and the principal of the school. The kids on Yamacraw was illiterate black children who were unteachable, but Mr. Conroy change all that. However, Mr. Conroy and Mrs. Brown teaching skills were different in many ways and they were different in their personal life. Mr. Conroy is a white teacher who was assigned to teach on Yamacraw. Mr. Conroy didn’t have a hard time teaching the kids. His teaching skills were to teach the kids in a fun way. Conroy took the time to know the kids, so he can teach them in a way they would understand. He’s teaching was compassion and humor. Mr. Conroy also got the kids parents involved with their school work. Conroy took the kids off the island to show them there is other things in the world. All over Mr. Conroy really cared about the kids, and taught each one of them something about their self, and that was you can do whatever you want to do when you put your mind to it. But also, Mrs. Brown teaching skills was totally different.…show more content…
Brown is different. She’s a black teacher on Yamacraw, who has been teaching for 30 plus years. Her teaching skills consist of scolding and spanking her students. All the kids are scared of her. She thinks the only to get the kids respect is by spanking them. She also thinks it’s teaching them in school. She never took the time to know the kids, or how to really teach them in the classroom. She never went to the parents and ask them for their help with the kids. Not one day have she taking the kids off the island to teach or show them different than where they live. But their teaching skills is not the only different about them. Their personal life is,

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