How Does Robinson Use Figurative Language In Richard Cory

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Telesha Amarsingh English 126 LM2 Professor Stapleton 10 March,2015 Looks can be Deceiving During the nineteen hundreds,due to the economic depression,people couldn't afford to buy anything expensive.Even meat was too expensive.Bread was the only food that people used to live on. Money can never buy happiness and appearances cannot be judged.Edwin Arlington Robinson is the author of “Richard Cory.”This dramatic poem is about a wealthy man that had it all but deep inside,he wasn't happy.Being wealthy doesn't make an individual happy. To repeat,wealth doesn't mean everything.The townspeople were not supportive of each other.They admired Richard Cory so much that they didn't even realize that he wants their friendship.Robinson claims,”in…show more content…
To add on,another figurative language that Robinson uses is irony.He claims “And Richard Cory,one calm summer night/went home and put a bullet through his head (4.15-16.534).The irony is that even though Richard Cory had wealth,he was not happy.However,since the townspeople failed to realize that all he wanted was friendship,he was lonely.The loneliness got to his head and made him feel very depressed so he just committed suicide. Furthermore,the tone that Robinson took towards the poem is very melodramatic.Robinson made it seems like Richard Cory is God to the townspeople.However,the the last two lines of the poem,was surprising.No one would have thought that he would kill himself because he was wealthy and had it all. According to Robinson,the plot of the poem is about a wealthy guy named Richard Cory and he usually goes down town.He goes there because he is searching for friendship.However,the townspeople won't let him in their lives because of his wealth.Eventually,he shot himself because he was very lonely.So he killed himself because of

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