Steve Jobs Impact On Popular Culture Summary

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Guide Questions: 1.) According to the article on Steve Jobs, in what ways did he (through his company Apple) affect popular culture? Steve Jobs, through Apple, greatly affected popular culture mainly by marketing their products beyond only some getting hold of to something seemingly everyone has. Thus, it became a "must have." Aside from marketing, he and the company made sure that it was not only the name that people are buying but offered innovative features basically selling experience that everyone. Apple offered products which creatively pushed boundaries. If there is only two words for me to relate Steve Jobs, it would be innovation and creativity and those are the roots of their successful and influential products and services. Not…show more content…
In television, a program or show's recap covers the main points of the story or what was discussed. It is like coverage write up but for a TV show. I only discovered and followed some sites recapping Korean telenovelas I used to watch. In between the air time in South Korea and the time it is completely uploaded on the web, I read recaps of the current episode simply because I cannot wait for an hour or two just to know what happened. I still watch the episode after reading and I guess that's also what they call KPop fever. 5.) How did re-capping change television culture and what was multimedia's role in it? Re-capping allowed followers to catch up with missed episodes, review, and even track back old shows and episodes even after years. Recaps not only had summaries of shows but included commentaries and even predictions on what was going to happen next. Re-capping is for TV as how rewind was for video tapes. As the article pointed out, it created a community for its audience and reached out for those who needed to catch up. Multimedia facilitated its availability through web publication and allowed users to interact with each other expressing their viewpoints. 6.) Looking at both articles, in what ways do popular culture and multimedia and communications technology intersect? Can you give your own

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