Emperor Augustus: Julius Ceasar Octavius

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Attention Getter: The definition of power is the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. Arguably the person with the most power of his time the Emperor of Rome Gaius Julius Ceasar Octavius. Octavian was a strong and powerful ruler; he lead Rome to becoming one of the greatest Empire’s the world will ever know. From his childhood to the point of taking the throne Augustus prepared himself from the start. Through his positive impact, all the way to the mourning of his death , and even how he lived his lifestyle put him in the position to become a great leader. From the moment he became emperor everything he did was to benefit all of Rome. Augustus made Rome’s military better. To help the growth of Rome “Augustus also created a new army” making it easier to defeat Rome’s enemies (DeWell 90).…show more content…
To clean up the streets “he established a police force” to help protect the citizens of Rome (DeWell 90). he Initialised multiple religious and social groups (DeWell 90). He controlled most of the mediterranean sea . Through taking control “Augustus and his armies had numerous successes” through battles (DeWell 90). He expanded westward and “brought Spain under full Roman control” then stopped there (DeWell 90). Through military Augustus took control of the sea’s, he also created for the go of Rome to all benefit Rome. Augustus set himself up for success from the beginning. His education lead him to success. after the death of his father “his mother supervised his education” and raising.(DeWell 90). using his wits he “[ended] Rome’s [destruction]” and ended the civil wars (DeWell 89). Caesar's dead but Augustus into the position to become

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