Gentrification Research Paper

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Gentrification is happening in many parts of the United States of America, especially in Atlanta, Georgia. Many people (characteristics) that are young or middle-aged adults, childless, white, urban-bred, well-educated, etc. are gentrifying. There are many factors why gentrification is taking place such as demographic changes, economic changes, lifestyle choices, and displacement of the poor. With gentrification, there are many positive and negative changes that are occurring in Atlanta. Gentrification’s demographic changes include decline in marriage, later age at marriage, increases in unmarried couples, and declines in the number of young children per family. With demographic changes, many people are focused on themselves and very individual…show more content…
Revitalizing existing houses can be less expensive than new construction on the suburban periphery. With new people moving in, crime rates decline as well. People of the neighborhoods that once lived in the city, cannot afford it because of taxes going up. People move in and start building up the city. At first this is a great idea to bring attractions into the city and for people to give the city revenue, however, this is a negative because once more people start coming and moving into the neighborhoods, the price of living will go up and the people, which were the low class, minority, even immigrant have to move up because they cannot afford it anymore. This can become a problem for people because the people that relied on transportation does not have any transportation to get to work or school because they are further away from the city. These people would have to get a car. One it can be an issue to purchase a car, or if they are able to purchase a car, they might not be able to afford to pay for gas to drive in and out of the city every day. With people moving into the city and bringing business, it does not get rid of poverty, it just displaces it. The working-class of the neighborhood do not become rich, they just move somewhere else, usually further away from the city. Which means the people that were once living in the neighborhood, have longer commutes such as

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