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According to the latest results from the Harris Poll, the Dallas Cowboys remain the most popular NFL team among U.S. football fans, followed by the Packers and the Broncos. The Cowboys have been the most popular and well-liked team in America, and the world for that matter, since 1998 (Harrison Poll 1). In spite of being the most liked team, the Cowboys haven not come close to winning a Super Bowl since 1995 and, in recent years, have continually finished their seasons with an 8-8 record. Out of frustration and confusion, fans have been desperately searching for an answer behind their 25-year slump. Some evaluate certain coaches, some evaluate key positions, most evaluate their owner and General Manager, Jerral Wayne Jones, commonly referred…show more content…
Every head coach following Barry Switzer has either not reached the playoffs, or reached the playoffs with out winning a game, with the exception of Wade Phillips who won a single playoff game (O’Donnell 1). Because Jones is so disconnected from football, he cannot hire coaches that are at a high caliber- one of his many shortcoming as a GM. Of course, a coach, good or bad, needs quality players to coach in order for any organization to be successful. Drafting players is the number one area where Jones falls short as a GM and drafting players is one of the GM’s biggest jobs. According to an article by Harris Scott in DC News, the actual numbers on draft day are striking. Overall, the ‘Boys have totaled “85 picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft since Jerry bought the team,” which is 10 more picks than the average NFL team (Harris 1). Picking in the first round of the draft (normally) means adding the best players on the market to the team. Jerry, apparently, must not know which players are worthy of drafting thus choosing players who cannot perform as needed. Perhaps if Jones had more experience in football and not in oil prospecting, he

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