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We live and we learn to take One step at a time There's no need to rush It's like learning to fly Or falling in love It's gonna happen when it's Supposed to happen and we Find the reasons why One step at a time -”One Step At A Time” Jordin Sparks Music isn’t just all about vocal and instrumental sounds, it’s about the lyric and the way it makes the composer and others feel deep inside. It’s all about the message which is being sent to the outside world thru the lyrics, and that's what the majority of individuals don't understand. All they listen to is the beat, the voice, the raps and instruments accompanying along, not the true meaning, the message that the writer is trying to get across. Jordin Spark’s song, “One Step at a Time”, is…show more content…
Music is an inspiration to me most of the time. Freshmen year, in one of the high school’s I have attended in New York, I was put into a two year algebra one class. After around six months of school, my parents decided to move from New York City to Long Island City, which is also within the state of New York. In Long Island City, I was put into a one year algebra one class, due to Long Island schools not having any two year long classes, except world history (freshmen and sophomore year). The New York State Regents wasn't really a big deal for me in New York City because i knew that i'll be taking the regents for algebra one sophomore year, but in Long Island City it was a life and death situation. I was freaking out thinking how I’ll be able to take the regent with only half a year knowledge about algebra one. I really thought of dumping the regents and retake algebra one sophomore year, however, due to inspiration of my mother and music, I took extra classes after school for about less than two months so that I can cover up what I didn't learn in New York City and be able to take the regents so i won't have that class next year. It was to much pressure because i had to keep up with what was happening in class addition to what I was learning after school. I accepted the regents as a challenge for myself, so i didn't give up and tried to cover up everything with the help provided by my teachers and

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