Pico Of Orizaba Research Paper

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The Pico of Orizaba is one of the largest national parks in Mexico. Thousands of tourist visit it every year becoming one of their favorite places to visit. I would like to take a trip to the Pico of Orizaba because I would like to learn more about my culture and heritage. I would like to learn for myself accurate information and history about Pico of Orizaba. Visiting Pico of Orizaba will also embrace nationalism, and hopefully will be a fun and learning adventure. The volcano Citlaltépetl better known as “El cerro de la Estrella” or the “Star hill” is the main attraction of the park because it’s the biggest hill in Mexico. Quetzalcóatl is an inactive volcano with an elevation of 18,871 ft. Citlaltépetl can be seen in from two states, Puebla

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