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The Life and Times of A Brit In order to portray the life of a self-actualizing person, we must first understand what that truly means. Abraham Maslow, deemed the founder of humanistic psychology, created what he called the “Hierarchy of Needs” building a pyramid of pieces that a person needed to experience to become self-actualizing. He is quoted as saying “What a man can be, he must be” referring to a person fulfilling their true potential. The following timeline will be the life story of Abigail Darby, a fictional character whom I have created, to illustrate what the life span and vision of health for a fully self-actualizing person would look like. Young Child: Abigail Jayne Darby, was born to two competent, healthy parents, in London…show more content…
Abby took a year off from education for self-exploration and to do some traveling with Charlie. While in Scotland visiting George Square, Charlie proposed, and Abigail would become the new Mrs. Charles Smith in 1948. They built a home in the neighborhood where they both grew up, where they felt safe, and enjoyed the company of their friends. She would welcome a baby boy, Collin later that some year. Abby decided to return to school, the University of Oxford, to study biology in 1952 to pursue her love of science, and she had never felt better. Her sister and parents helped with child care while she attended the university; she graduated with honors in 1954. Charlie and Abigail decided to have another child; she gave birth to a daughter, Lorraine, in 1955. Abigail felt fulfilled, having accomplished so much while child rearing, and decided she wanted to stay at home with the children and build great memories with them as she did as a little girl with her sister. During this time Charlie held a job as a banker and made more than enough to keep their family satisfied. Abigail hosted numerous dinner parties for friends and family, and let her children’s friends enjoy tea and cookies much as she did as a child. She always welcomed new ideas and suggestions for future parties, and never turned down a…show more content…
Her and Charlie are still going strong and enjoying their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and one great great granddaughter Abigail Rose; for Abby’s children and grandchildren loved her so and all that she stood for they passed down her name. In 2012, Abigail fell during a snow fall and fractured her left leg; she took this in stride and healed fairly quickly, able to return home after two months of therapy. Charlie came to visit her every day she was away, she claims he was the reason for her speedy recovery. Abigail and Charlie still hold mini tea parties at their house from time to time, forever lending their home to glorious memories. Abigail has lived a full life, accepting others along the way no matter their circumstance. She had high expectations for herself and held herself to those standards, boosting her self-confidence and feeling of self-worth. With Charlie by her side she has seen the world, and their romance has blossomed. A life of fulfillment, confidence, growth, security, and self-worth, has led to a life of

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