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For my primary text, I chose the excerpt about I-Tsing from “World of the Buddha.” “World of the Buddha,” is considered to be one of the most important pieces of literature in the Buddhist religion. In this book, there is a description of life in India at the time of the Buddha and about the Buddha himself. It is directed to readers who want a rich, varied, and understandable collection of pieces in one book. (Barnes&Noble, 2015). Each chapter has a preface that gives a little information about the author of that section. In the preface about I-Tsing, the author of “World of the Buddha,” writes about when I-Tsing started his long journey as a monk and the accomplishments he makes during his life. The author then goes on to talk of a collection of I-Tsings writings, which is where they got this chapter in the book from. I-Tsings begins by introducing the main characters of his memoir and his teachers; Shan-yu and Hui-hsi. He describes ways in which his two teachers are alike, praising them for their generosity and their meritorious deeds. One can see how influential…show more content…
One of the most important memories I read of I-Tsing was when Shan-yu tried to escape the loss of morals during the Sui dynasty by moving to the town of Yang where he, after being made fun of for his plain appearance, read the Sutra of the Great Decease from sunrise until the afternoon. Simply by reading this book all the way through, the people of Yang praised Shan-yu for his “wonderful powers,” (I-Tsing, 320). When Shan-yu passed away I-Tsing tells of how he visited his grave to worship him but to also ask him for guidance on his journey to India. The fact that I-Tsing visited Shan-yus’s tomb to ask for his guidance on his journey because he wanted to be as great of a teacher as Shan-yu was to him shows how he deeply appreciated his teachers and the lessons he

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