Leaving Home Research Paper

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Leaving your home and everything you own is never easy, especially for the people who are just trying to make better lives for them and their family. Migrating away from Europe, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nationalities, refugees have traveled over 100 miles through foreign lands to try to reach a place with less violence.some nations have been responding to this crisis in different ways.Many are willing to take in some refugees.These people have endured so many hardships in their life and with all the violence happing we are questioning how much more they can take. With the help of more than twenty-five nations there is hope for them yet. though most are lending a helping hand, some don’t want anything to do with these refuges.…show more content…
These refugees are trying to escape war, violence, and persecution. This is causing the Middle Eastern nation to be ripped apart. More than 4 million Syrians have left their home since the fighting started in 2011.Being home to several major crises, the Middle East is likely to have even more internal and external displacement, meaning not only will some people have to temporarily moved from their home, others will be forced to leave their home but remain with in the country's borders. "As the war in Syria enters its fifth year, a return to widespread violence in Iraq threatens to affect million." These acts of violence has caused more than two million people to die during the ISIS War for their religion.The lack of peace and stability in the region offers little hope in the future, but with the help of more than 15 nations things could look better for them in the
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