Personal Narrative: A Career As An Internist

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Let the fun begin, that’s always in my mind every time I step inside the morning report room during my observership rotation in Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Who doesn’t like playing puzzles? I know that all internists will understand exactly what I mean by that. Every case I encounter during my career I played it as a puzzle. You need to collect every piece of information and put it in the right place and be careful not to miss any piece, so you can see the complete big picture of the puzzle. Internal Medicine is one of the broadest specialties that give you a great knowledge and experience. Internist is a good problem solver and generally needs to consider all possible causes for a particular symptom before referring to sub-specialist/super specialist. My clinical training began as early as my first year in medical school. I spent my summer among a variety of outpatient clinics and emergency rooms in the city’s…show more content…
Such opportunity allowed me to gain exposure to a whole different level of medical experience. As their head doctor, my responsibilities were extended to every medical branch and specialty. Each day for me was such a great adventure because I have to keep my mind active and ready anytime. I was fortunate enough to have the extraordinary opportunity to do observership in Internal Medicine Department in Jersey Shore University Medical Center. The experience I gained by working under the supervision of both Dr.Bakr and Dr. Colella in this hospital was unforgettable. Such experience has expanded my knowledge and familiarized me with the American Medical System. Doing observership in such infamous hospital as Jersey Shore University Medical Center has exposed me clinically to many rare as well as common

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