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The Lady Jessica was a big part of the story Dune by Frank Herbert. When we are first introduced to lady Jessica she was a loving mother and was only there to serve her family because as a BG that was her duty. Throughout the story she slowly transforms into the RM and becomes an all knowing person for the freman people. At the beginning of the three series book the story starts with Lady taking her son to take the test from the RM. Throughout the first book Jessica is nothing but a server for her family. Jessica says, “I am Bene Gessert: I exist only to serve”(pg 37) She is loved deeply by the lord duke and knows that. In second book Maud’Dib, it shows her slowly starting to transform into the mother reverend. At the beginning of the book they are exiled to the desert and trying to…show more content…
She begins noticing Paul transforming into a man and the strong leader he soon becomes. Jessica thinks to her self “there’s no more childhood in his voice.” (pg 317) She also thinks “such a sure hand my son has with his people” (354) Once they run into the Freman people is when you really start noticing a change in her. After passing the test of the RM she becomes an all knower of knowledge of the Freman people and a “God” in their eye. In the third book, The Prophet, Lady Jessica becomes more than just a server to her people, her family and BG. She grows up and becomes her own person. We see this when the Reverend mother, Gauis Helen Mohiam, tells Jessica to silence Paul. She is quick to say “Silence him yourself.” (pg 775). She also changes her views for what she wants for her son’s life. By the end of the book Jessica realizes her mistake of training Paul to be what he as become. She is filled

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