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Broken Trust Editing in a film creates many elements that captures a viewers attention and is the foundation that makes up a piece of work. In fact, it is essential to a film simply because it creates a screenplay that is more enjoyable and intriguing for the audience. Filmmakers heavily rely on editing skills to captivate the audience and drive a certain message in their minds. They drive home what they want them to perceive about the scenes taking place before them. In the short films “Two Black Cadillacs” and “Sherlock Jr.” the graphic and rhythmic relation present a certain attitude about each of the films. The continuity/discontinuity allows the audience to be emersed in emotion and depth within and inbewteen the shots. Carrie Underwood’s…show more content…
For example, when the detective is chasing after the thief and even escaping from him, the viewers get a sense of the fast pace throughout the duration of the film. The rhythmic relations during shots are very quick. By way of illustration, the shots are quite accelerated in speed when the detective is on his mission, further solitifying his constant escape or chase of the thief. Another reason rhythmic relations are rather fast is due to the director of the film wanting to make the film more humorous and enjoyable. Films tend to obtain a longer rhythmic relation when the film has a more serious tone and attitude. The film creates continuity between two or more scenes by its ability to establish the shot reverse shot technique. For example, when the detective is having a conversation with his lover or anyone he is talking to for that matter, the audience knows exactly who the detective is communicating with. Without this editing effect there would not be as much clarity throughout the film considering that there is only music in this particular film. “Sherlock Jr.” portrays discontinuity between two or more shots by establishing extreme cuts between shots, which leave the film rather choppy. The filmmaker also places shots that do not really fit well into the film. For instance, there are shots of a movie being played in the local theater about stolen pearls. Although this helps clarification of the message, it has little to do with the direct shots of the thief and detective through the duration of the

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